Red Columbine, 2022

Red Columbine, 2022
Vinyl, Public Art
Township of Langley

Rooted in the vibrant hues found in nature, this illustration celebrates Indigenous flora such as Cedar, Douglas Aster, Red Columbine, and Salal. The fluid, organic shapes in the background draw inspiration from the Douglas Aster’s pistil, featuring green accents reminiscent of Cedar and Salal. The focal point centers on the Red Columbine.

Selecting colors derived from native plant species was a deliberate choice, infusing the artwork with a local essence. The intention was to not only capture the beauty of these plants but also to inject an element of excitement and vibrancy. Transforming the utility box into a visually engaging destination rather than a mere backdrop, this design contributes to placemaking. Beyond aesthetic enhancement, the dynamic nature of the illustration fosters an interactive public art experience, encouraging both locals and tourists to actively explore the surrounding area.

Photos Courtesy of the Township of Langley

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