Sousse – Call to Prayer (Iftar), 2023

Sousse – Call to Prayer (Iftar), 2023
Diptych, Digital Print, 12”X12”

Sousse – Call to Prayer, is a digital reimagining of the topographical contour lines of Sousse, Tunisia, paired with a spectrogram which visually shows the sound recording of the Call to Prayer during Ramadan, 2023.

Topographical maps are generally used to showcase detail and quantitative data in relation to geographical features of a place. Spectrograms are a visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies over space and time. Brighter frequencies representing louder sounds and darker being quieter. Kozma-Perrin’s reimagining of the two forces us to visualize sounds attached to a specific geographical region at a specific date and time. Using the spectrogram frequencies as a paintbrush, she creates and shares what is a personal and communally celebrated moment. Kozma-Perrin is currently traveling abroad with her husband and artistic partner, recording soundscapes of the environment around them. The two spent 2 months in Tunisia, one of which was during Ramadan. During the Holy Month, fasting is observed from dawn to sunset. In Sousse, Iftar and the breaking of fast was not only marked with the Call to Prayer but also with a cannon firing. This can be seen amongst the spectrograms along with the calls to prayer, dogs barking, vehicles passing, and chatter from surrounding homes.

Kozma-Perrin continues to investigate soundsdcapes and spectrograms. Looking for opportunities to force us to reimagine our comfortable approaches to understanding place and time while examining our relationship to the environment.

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